The Team

“One day, we’ll hopefully live in a world where no talented musician, filmmaker, craftsperson, or visual artist must give up just because they don’t have enough money or access to services to support their creativity.”

- John Funge,
- CEO of The Music Fund

We’re a group of Silicon Valley nerds who are fascinated by the music industry. We don’t make music or have backgrounds in the industry — we’re just huge fans who want to keep it moving forward and help talented artists find opportunities for discovery. Thanks to our collective experience at some of the world’s most innovative companies (e.g. Netflix, Winton), we’ve become proud experts at understanding massive numbers (such as streaming metrics) and turning them into action.

Combining our passions for data science, engineering, and music, we’ve created a data-based approach to artist funding strategies, and can invest in artists at a scale that banks or labels simply cannot.