How does this work?

It’s simple! We buy a portion of your existing catalog royalty income for two years — you decide the percentage. We give you upfront money, and then for two years we receive a split of whatever those tracks earn.

What’s the catch?

This may seem too good to be true compared to other deals in the industry. We are not a label or talent agency. We specialize in artists financing. We don’t provide all the services of a traditional label, but for the new breed of artists with the self-confidence to control their own careers we aim to be your best funding partner.

Can I sell you my royalties for a shorter or longer time than two years?

Not right now. Currently we are offering deals for two years only.

What happens at the end of two years?

100% of the royalty split you sold us goes back to you. The Music Fund no longer receives a share of your royalty income, and you owe us nothing more.

Do I need to own 100% of a track or album to get the money?

No. As long as you receive royalties for a given track, you can sell us a percentage of your future earnings from that track.

I’m signed to a label, can I get money from The Music Fund?

That depends on the details of your contract and is best determined on a case-by-case basis. We can purchase a portion of your royalty revenue stream as long as you can demonstrate your ownership of that revenue, but you will likely need the label’s go-ahead to make a sale.

I have another catalog deal already, can I get money from The Music Fund?

If you currently receive royalty income, you can sell a portion of that revenue stream to The Music Fund.

I’m about to sign with a label, can I get money from The Music Fund?

If you’re about to sign with a label, you will need to disclose the details of the royalty split between yourself and the label, so that we can accurately price your share of the track’s future earnings. You will likely also need to disclose partnership with The Music Fund when talking to labels.

What’s the minimum requirement to get money from The Music Fund?

For now, because the Fund is still in pilot mode, we look for artists who receive $10,000 or more in annual royalty payments. In the long run, it will be up to artists to determine whether a given royalty stream is worth monetizing. Because the process of valuation is fully automated and scalable, The Music Fund lowers transaction costs and will make investor funding accessible to independent artists and producers even if they are currently earning less.

Is this a royalty advance?

No. Unlike with an advance where you must keep giving up royalty payments until the advancer is fully recouped, when your term is up with The Music Fund 100% of our split reverts back to you and you owe nothing... even if we haven’t yet earned back our investment. Because we operate at scale, we can afford to take on this risk. See how we compare to advances on What sets us apart.

Is this a loan?

No. The transaction with The Music Fund is a one-time sale for a limited-term portion of your royalties. You will not have a principal and interest payback schedule as a loan does.

What happens if my track’s future earnings don’t equal the upfront money I received?

Nothing. Unlike with an advance or a loan, you’re never expected to “make up” a difference between our upfront money payment and the earnings of your royalty stream. The percentage we take and how long we take it for are fixed at the outset of every sale.

I am a new artist with a hit release coming up. Can you fund it?

To keep The Music Fund scalable, sustainable, and friendly to all independent artists, we rely on data to make valuations of existing catalogs. As such, we can’t make speculative bets on unreleased tracks or albums. Our algorithms are good, but not that good. (Though artists can and do sell back-catalog royalties to The Music Fund in order to raise funds for new releases.)

What percentage of the royalties will you take from my future releases?

None. We purchase only back-catalog royalties. We have no interest in controlling or placing a financial burden on your future career. Quite the opposite--we want you to succeed so that we can succeed, as new listeners and new audiences discover your past work.

What cut do you take?

That’s up to you. You choose the percent you want to sell for two years, and we’ll make you an offer based on those figures.

Are there any fees ?

No. We don’t charge fees of any kind, no closing fees, no admin fees, no lates fees.

How long does it take to get the money?

Once you are at the top of the waitlist, we will notify you that there is an offer ready for you to consider. If you like what you see, the closing process typically takes 1-5 days. Once you meet the closing conditions, we send you the money automatically via Stripe within minutes.

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