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The Music Fund’s aim is to provide independent artists with funding for the next record, tour or PR campaign. It is true that not every musician achieves stardom. But by investing in the royalties of many early-stage artists, The Music Fund would smooth out the lumpiness of future realized payments – and offer fair and transparent prices as a result.

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Techstars Music Accelerator announces the new 2019 class

The Music Fund has been chosen to be part of the Techstars Music 2019 cohort that Techstars believe will disrupt the music industry!

Written by Kc Ifeanyi

NYME Article


The Music Fund at NYME 2018

The Music Fund CEO John Funge was a speaker at NY Media Festival 2018 discussing the current state of music startups, their challenges and what investors are looking for.

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The Data Revolution in Music Royalties.

Geoff Cross and Thomas Jerde from The Music Fund were interviewed by Steve Knopper, a Rolling Stone contributing editor and author of MJ: The Genius of Michael Jackson.

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Data Makes Possible

Could Fintech Fix the Music Industry’s Broken Economics?

Earlier this year, The Music Fund was formed to help artists turn their musical creativity into cold, hard cash. The tech? Big data analysis.

Written byWIRED Brand Lab

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Venture Beats

The Music Fund at SXSW 2018

SXSW is a melting pot of techies and artists showcasing their product to more than 150,000 participants in Austin, Texas. So it’s the perfect place to announce The Music Fund!

Written by Bérénice Magistretti

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More Than Big-Name Acts, Music Rights Took Center Stage At SXSW

Proponents of outfits like The Music Fund cite the freedom to sell small chunks of a catalogue as a great way to free up cash for musicians.

Written byZack O'Malley Greenburg

How it works

With highly flexible terms and no restrictive contract claiming ownership of your future work, cash in while staying in control!

Decide what to sell

Select royalty streams from your previously released music

Pick your terms

Choose the percentage to sell and for how long

For example: 50% for 2 years

Receive up-front cash

The Music Fund will make you an offer based on our data-driven pricing algorithm

True stories
JP Reynolds


JP Reynolds​

JP truly has incredible music and a great live show. However, his reach and impact is limited due to financial constraints. With funding from The Music Fund, JP will be able to complete some amazing projects and music experiences for his listeners, new and old, and take his talents and show on tour.




We got offered to go on tour with Riverside, one of the leading bands within the scene we operate. There's is a buy in, but with sales over 800 people per venue, this is an opportunity we have to take. With a new album released last November, one that got only raving reviews, this could potentially mean a breakthrough for the band in the progressive/art-rock scene. To finance the buy in we are exploring ways to finance this.

Elliott Sencan


Elliott Sencan

I'm a writer/producer formerly of Hollywood Principle (~160k monthly listeners, 25 million+ Streams on Spotify). I'm interested in monetizing our back catalogue to fund a new solo project I'm working on: Sencan, a Pop/RnB project featuring a wide variety of artists and with lots of tour support.


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Questions & Answers

Instead of forcing musicians to give up control of future tracks, The Music Fund aims to help artists monetize their back catalogs. We do this by analyzing streaming-site and other data to offer upfront payments for predicted future royalty income. Flexible terms will allow artists to retain control by choosing what proportion of their back catalog’s future royalty income to sell.

Swap unpredictable royalties for a lump sum
Our smart, data-driven algorithms would value your past tracks to make you a fair offer for part of your future royalties. Sell us as small a percentage as you want — we want you to stay in control of your artistic journey.

Back your career and yourself
Finance the next record, tour or PR campaign. We would provide the funds; you could choose what to do with them, whether that is raising the profile of your band… or moving out of your parent's garage.

No suits issuing commands
From your artistic direction and style to producer and touring schedule, we want to put the decisions firmly in your hands. Our artists would retain full control of their music, and their development.

No. Our flexible terms would encourage you to maintain a stake in your future royalties, so you would also be invested in your future success. And unlike major record labels, there would be no restrictive contract claiming ownership of your future work — we know that if an artist we back writes a smash hit in the future, that will stoke interest in their prior work. When The Music Fund empowers artists to reach their potential, everybody wins.

Regardless of the quality of your music and our financial support, unfortunately only a handful of artists will ever become commercial hits. We play a numbers game, smoothing out the variability in royalties by pooling risk across many, many artists. The bigger the community we support, the greater the odds of backing future stars.

We wouldn't try to be your manager, publisher, or label… that's up to you and/or your team. What we could do is use our expertise in data science to help artists understand the factors that make their royalties go up and down. By analyzing data about your listeners, we could keep you informed and offer actionable insights to help you take your success to the next level.

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The Team

The Music Fund is bootstrapped by a founding team from Winton’s San Francisco office. Winton is a world-leading quantitative investment manager with approximately $27 billion in assets. Founded in 1997 by CEO David Harding, Winton uses tools drawn from data science and advanced technology to engineer intelligent, long-term investment systems.

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