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Invest in your next release, video or tour, and keep 100% of your copyright

Get up to $50,000 for as little as a 1% split of your streaming royalties. Limited 2-year term. Keep 100% of your copyright and all earnings from any future releases.

Owe nothing, even if not fully recouped

One-time sale, not a loan, not an advance. Our payment is non-recoupable, which means you are debt-free.

Big Hit Protection™

If you have a hit song that suddenly blows up, our Big Hit Protection™ makes sure you still benefit from the upside.

How it works

Step 1

Share your music

Share your Spotify for Artists account. Share your Apple Music for Artists account. Upload your royalty statements.

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Choose an offer

Sell as little as a 1% split of your royalties. Choose an offer that meets your needs. No sales person, no pressure, no fees.

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Get paid now

ID verification. Set up splits. Get paid automatically via Stripe - money on the way within minutes of closing.

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"I finally got enough money to make an album and promote it with several high quality videos. WE HIT BILLBOARD CHARTS! Without The Music Fund, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve any of those goals as quickly as I did. I look forward to working with you again in the future!"

Jon Muro

"…[The Music Fund’s] Their flexible approach to investment puts the power back into the hands of the artists and songwriters, and allows you to decide how much royalties you will give up, for how long, and most importantly, allows YOU to decide what to do with it. "


"Using the upfront royalties to promote your newer music gives you an opportunity to exponentially grow your career and money without the dread of having to pay back an advance. I used the money to promote a new project that started making me so much more that it was like I never gave anyone a percentage in the first place."

What sets us apart

The Music Fund
Label Deals
Get upfront money up to $50,000*
Sell as little as 1% of your royalties**
Limited term: after 2 years the split reverts back to you
Owe nothing, even if not recouped
Keep 100% of your copyright
Keep 100% royalties from future releases
No fees of any kind
Money on the way within minutes of closing
No sales person, no pressure
Big Hit Protection™ : if you have a hit song that suddenly blows up, you still benefit from the upside.
*This is through the automated website. If you need more money than that, please contact us directly.
**Subject to distributor's split capability

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A comprehensive list of live streaming concerts during the COVID-19 shutdown compiled by The Music Fund, updated daily.

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How does this work?

It’s simple! We buy a portion of your existing catalog royalty income for two years — you decide the percentage. We give you upfront money, and then for two years we receive a split of whatever those tracks earn.

What’s the catch?

This may seem too good to be true compared to other deals in the industry. We are not a label or talent agency. We specialize in artists financing. We don’t provide all the services of a traditional label, but for the new breed of artists with the self-confidence to control their own careers we aim to be your best funding partner.

Can I sell you my royalties for a shorter or longer time than two years?

Not right now. Currently we are offering deals for two years only.

What happens at the end of two years?

100% of the royalty split you sold us goes back to you. The Music Fund no longer receives a share of your royalty income, and you owe us nothing more.

Are there any fees ?

No. We don’t charge fees of any kind, no closing fees, no admin fees, no late fees.